Help! I have a knitting question

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Wed. Nov. 17 / 1:00pm
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Did you drop a stitch? Can't figure out a new cast-on method? Have too many or too few stitches on your needles? Not sure which yarn to use or what size to make? We've all been there; there are so many yarns, techniques, stitches etc., that there will always be questions and we are here to help! 

You can now book a one-on-one session with Marilou on Wednesdays. 

We have two options, depending on the amount of help you need.  
- 15 minutes: quick fix/questions
- 30-45 minutes: more in-depth explanations/knitting instructions. Please add 2-3 consecutive times to your cart for this. 

Cost (to be paid in-store, after the session):
- 15 minutes: Free
- 30 minutes: $20
- 45 minutes: $30

We may suggest different needles, yarn, or even a pattern, etc., to improve your knitting experience.