Scout Shawl KAL Kits

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Holst Garn: Pink/Green
Holst Garn: Blue/Orange
Jamieson & Smith: Pink/Green
Jamieson & Smith: Blue/Orange
Jamieson & Smith: Grey/Yellow
Jamieson & Smith: Brights
Holst Garn: Pink/Green
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Join us September 6th as we cast on the Scout Shawl by Florence Spurling


Need help picking your colours? Just pick up one of our pre-made kits for this project!

We have kits with Holst Garn Supersoft or Jamieson & Smith Shetland 2 Ply Jumper. *Pattern purchased separately. 

Jamieson & Smith 2-Ply Shetland Kit colours: C1, C3 and C5 - 2 of each, C4 - 1 ball and C2 - 3 balls

  • Pink/Green: 
    C1: E1283 Rose Heather
    C2: 1A Ecru
    C3: 1282 Green Mix
    C4: FC11 Fresh Grass
    C5: 43 Raspberry
  • Blue/Orange: 
    C1: E1284 Fox Toes Heather
    C2: 1A Ecru
    C3:  FC61 Denim Heather
    C4: 21 Navy
    C5: 125 Pumpkin
  • Grey/Yellow:
    C1: 23 Yellow
    C2: 1 Optic White
    C3: 27 Grey
    C4: 81 Charcoal
    C5: 91 Gold
  • Brights: 
    C1: 91 Gold
    C2: 1 Optic White
    C3: 52 Fuchsia
    C4: 16 Blue
    C5: 71 Green

Holst Garn Supersoft Kit colours: 1 ball of each colour 

  • Pink/Green: 
    C1: 031 Sugarsnap
    C2: 098 Ecru
    C3: 079 Willow
    C4: 088 Dark Apple
    C5: 033 Red Clover
  • Blue/Orange: 
    C1: 067 Aquamarine
    C2: 061 Bleached White
    C3: 072 Tiffany
    C4: 059 Vintage Heather
    C5: 026 Clementine


Pattern Info

Scout is an intricate, pattern-filled shawl inspired by the pieced-together aesthetic of vintage quilts. A dream project for colourwork lovers, Scout’s patchwork effect is achieved by mixing Fair Isle and intarsia knitting throughout. Knitted sideways from tip-to-tip, the easy-to-wear shape and size of the shawl is designed to display maximum detail as it drapes over the shoulders.

Pattern can be purchased here or in-store.